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Brüder Mannesmann leaf vacuum and blower / 3$deliveryy

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product details

Brüder Mannesmann

Special feature


Form factor


Model name M60215

Power Source Corded Electric

Included Components Leaf vacuum cleaner, 45 L collection bag

Switch from suction to bubbles

With large 45 litre collection bag

Power source: wired


The leaf vacuum and blower from Brüder Mannesmann Tools is ideal for the garden. Simply turn the device from suction to blown.

Product typesElectric leaf vacuums, electric leaf blowers


Volume reduction 1:10

Functions bubbles, suck

engine power

Power (W)3,000 watts

max. speed 15,000 rpm

Min. speed8,000 rpm

Technical specifications

Power supplyMains operation

Collection volume 45 liters

Equipment collection bag

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Published: October 15, 2022
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