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Digital roasting thermometer for optimal temperature monitoring. Large, backlit LCD touch display with intuitive operation. Measuring fork made of stainless steel with 16 cm insertion depth

Choice of pre-set meats (beef, lamb, veal, beef, chicken, turkey, minced meat, fish) and core temperatures for 5 cooking stages (rare, medium rare, medium, medium, well)

In addition, individual temperature specification is possible. Wide temperature range: -20 ° to 250 ° C. Acoustic temperature alarm when the target temperature is reached

Oven thermometer with integrated timer function. Stainless steel probe and long, heat-resistant cable (1 meter). Ideal for the grill, oven or stove. Magnetic suspension and base

Electric meat thermometer / BBQ thermometer. Housing made of robust and easy-care ABS plastic. Celsius (° C) or Fahrenheit (° F)
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Published: November 6, 2022
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