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Disc 1 (42 Mins) – James Bond Gadgets
His movies are legendary, his women breathtaking and with his sharp suits and cutting edge toys, he is dressed to kill.

Whether James Bond is pursuing villains in space-age flying machines or neatly evading danger with high-tech marvels, British Secret Agent 007 is licensed to carry the most stunningly intelligent devices ever to grace the silver screen. Bond had it all.

This exclusive look at his Gadgets reveals what it really takes to save the world.

Disc 2 (43 Mins) – Ian Fleming Biography
The second disc in this Bond smorgasbord features a full length Biography documentary on the man behind the myth: novelist Ian Fleming, who lived a life almost as exciting as 007.

A member of the British aristocracy, journalist, banker and military man, Fleming wrote his first Bond novel aged 43. His first taste of international intrigue came as a trainee journalist for Reuters, covering the Moscow trial of six British engineers accused of spying, while he later went on to join the Naval Intelligence Division.

In creating James Bond, Fleming wasn’t just inventing a classic fictional hero: he was re-imagining himself and his own experiences. Now, discover just how closely the character of Bond mirrored Fleming’s own, colourful past.

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Published: October 12, 2022
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