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L’dora Exfoliating Scrub Is An Effective And Suitable Product For Cleansing And Regenerating The Skin.The Glycerin Used In It Moisturizes The Skin Well And Maintains Its Natural Moisture And Thus Its Freshness And Vitality. Aloe Vera Extract Is A Soothing And Beautifying Substance For The Skin That Helps To Have Healthy And Fresh Skin And Repairs Its Damage. Its Anti-Inflammatory Properties Are Also Useful For Treating Blemishes, Pimples And Other Skin Problems. The Placement Of This Extract Along With Other Effective Ingredients Of This Mask Ensures The Health Of The Skin. The Collagen In This Mask Is Very Suitable For Maintaining Elasticity And Strength And Reducing The Aging Process Of The Skin. Ginseng Extract (Anti-Aging Plant) Is Another Effective Ingredient In This Mask That Activates Skin Metabolism.This Plant Protects The Skin Against Free Radicals And Environmental Pollution. The Allantoin And Menthol Used In This Product Are Soothing And Anti-Inflammatory And Prevent Skin Allergies And Inflammation During Peeling. Vitamin B5 (Dipentenol) In This Mask Has Moisturizing And Anti-Inflammatory Properties And Maintains The Elasticity Of The Skin. In Addition To All The Ingredients Mentioned Above, A Number Of Amino Acids Needed By The Skin (10 Types Of Amino Acids That The Body Naturally Cannot Make) Have Been Added To Strengthen, Health And Nourish The Skin In This Mask. These Amino Acids Are Very Effective In Increasing Protein And Collagen Production And Reducing Cellular Aging.

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Published: October 15, 2022
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