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LIFEGOODS powerbank 20000mAh Dual USB/ 3$ DELIVERY

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The 20,000 mAh LifeGoods charges an iPhone X no less than six times. This power station with lithium-ion battery is small enough to fit in your pocket and weighs only 384 grams. You can charge the power bank via USB-C or Micro USB. The 2 output USB ports (USB 5V – 2.4A) can quickly charge 2 devices at the same time (Quick Charge). With built-in battery protection and a battery status indicator, this power bank is ideal for days or weekends away!

One of the smallest 20000 mAh power banks
The LifeGoods large capacity of 20000 mAh ensures that you can charge smartphones and tablets multiple times. The power bank charges a Samsung S9 five times, an iPhone X no less than six times, and you can even charge an iPad mini three times! Despite its large capacity, the compact power bank weighs only 384 grams and fits easily in your pocket.

Quick charge
No one wants to wait unnecessarily long for a device to charge. The power bank therefore has 2x output USB ports (USB 5V – 2.4A) which both support Quick Charge technology. You can connect and quickly charge two devices at the same time. To charge the power bank, you can choose between a USB-C or Micro USB input port. You fully charge the power bank in ± 10 hours. This way you can charge your portable electrical devices anytime, anywhere when you need a battery.
ℹ Note: The USB-C and Micro USB ports are for power bank charging only. The two standard 5V 2.4A USB ports are output ports for connecting devices.

LifeGoods Power Bank
▶ Recharges a smartphone 8 times on average
▶ USB-C and Micro USB input ports
▶ 2x USB output ports (5V-2.4A)
▶ Fast charge 2 devices at the same time
▶ Compact pocket size
▶ Battery status indicator

Overheating and battery protection
The power bank contains a lithium-ion battery that ensures your phone is not overcharged. Once your phone is full, the power stops. This does not negatively affect your battery life. The power bank is also protected against short circuits and overheating, so you always have a portable battery close at hand, safely and reliably.

Charge multiple devices at the same time
Several devices are all empty at the same time? Geen don’t worry! A friend who is also in need? Problem geen! With this power bank, you can charge two devices at the same time.

✔ Package Contents: 1 x Portable Battery, 1 x Micro USB Cable, 1 x User Manual
✔ Merchandise: LifeGoods
✔ Certificates: CE
✔ Material: ABS + PC
✔ Color: Zwart
✔ Dimensions: 13.8 x 6.8 x 2.7cm
✔ Weight: 384 grams
✔ Battery: lithium ion
✔ Capacity: 20,000mAh
✔ Input: USB-C, Micro-USB
✔ Output: 5v-2.4A USB x2
✔ Includes cable: Yes (Micro USB)
✔ Number of smartphone charging times: 5-8
✔ Battery level indicator: Yes
✔ Powerbank average charging time: 10 hours
✔ Power input port: 74 Watt
✔ Quick Charge Type: Quick Charge 3.0
✔ Recommended for product type: E-readers, Navigation systems, smartphone, smartwatch, tablet
✔ Designed for Brand: Universal
✆ iPhone: XS/ XR8 / Plus/ X / 10/7/7 plus 6 / 6S / 6 / 6S Plus 5 / 5S / SE / 5C / 4 / 4S/
✆ iPad: iPad 2/4 mini / 2/3/4 air / air 2 Pro
✆ Samsung: Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S7 Edge S6/S6 Edge S 5/4 note 8
✆ Samsung tablet: 3/4/4; HTC 10 One A9/M9 M8;
✆ Lumia: 435635550640/640XL 650/650DualSIM 735830 950XL
✆ Google: Nexus 5/5X 6/6P/7/9/10 Google pixcel XL
✆ Huawei: P8/9/10, Mate 9/10
✆ Nokia: 1020, 1520
✆ Nintendo Switch

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Published: October 29, 2022
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