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LIFEGOODS Vibration massage for Legs, Hips & Seat.

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Vibration massage for Legs, Hips & Seat.
For a quick, deep kneading massage at the office or at home, the LifeGoods massage cushion is the solution. Grab the remote control, choose one of the 3 massage zones and let the 4 different massage heads massage your muscles in 15 minutes! Choose spot massage, infrared heat therapy and select the intensity of the massage. Put the massage cushion on your couch, or tie it to your chair with the integrated belt system &relax.
4 Shiatsu Massage
Heads The LifeGoods massage cushion has 4 Shiatsu massage heads that gently move up and down your back. These flexible massage heads follow the curves of your body and can be adjusted 3 mm in height. Turn on the spot massage for a massage of a specific spot. This way you always get the maximum massage experience.
3 Massage zones
Some days you suffer from your entire back, and some days only your upper back or your lower back. The massage cushion has 3 positions: full back, upper back and lower back. That way you can choose what your massage looks like per day.
Heat function
For the ultimate relaxed feeling, the LifeGoods massage cushion is equipped with a heat function. Because the heat function is optional, you can choose whether to turn this function on or off. Don’t worry about overheating, if the temperature gets too high, the heat function will turn off automatically.
LifeGoods massage cushion:
Removable and washable back cushion
4 flexible massage buttons
3 massage zones
Remote control
Heat function
Versatile in use
The LifeGoods massage cushion can be used for your upper and lower back, your buttocks, your hips and your legs. Due to the model, the massage cushion can easily be used on seating surfaces such as a sofa, armchair, office chair or regular chair. In addition, the massage cushion has an integrated belt system so that you can attach it to your chair. This way the massage cushion stays in place and you can relax.
Intensity and vibration
Via the removable and washable flap for the back you can adjust the intensity of the massage and choose a softer or harder massage. To also massage the hips and thighs, the seat of the massage cushion

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Published: October 31, 2022
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