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Just touch the blue button and the Motorola Bluetooth® car kit IHF1000 will listen to your command and make calls for you. The system’s brilliant sound quality with noise reduction and echo cancellation optimizes sound quality for all parties in conference.
The stylish, backlit controller with it’s chrome-brushed finish mounts within easy reach on the dashboard. The simple voice menu prompts and the controller make it easy to:
· pair compatible Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones
· answer / reject incoming calls with announced incoming caller i. d.
· mute and un-mute calls
· dial by name with up to 20 locally stored contacts
· dial by number
· request system help
Multiple Languages
The system also supports voice recognition in multiple languages including English (US and UK), French (EU), Italian and German. So, regardless of who is doing the talking, or in what language, there is no need to train the system (speaker independent).

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Published: October 11, 2022
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