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PARKSIDE 4V Cordless Screwdriver with Interchangeable Heads/ 3$ delive

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3$ delivery

Cordless Screwdriver with Interchangeable Heads

Powerful 4V cordless screwdriver for a range of jobs

around the home With 4 uses:

Torque cap with adjustable auto-stop – ideal for small screws and delicate materials

Eccentric attachment for near-edge use

Angle attachment for hard to reach places

Cutting attachment for soft materials such as cardboard, textiles, leather or other flexible materials

Magnetic bit holder with hexagon socket

Automatic spindle lock for manual screwing

Integrated LED work lights

LED indicator for clockwise / anticlockwise rotation and low battery level

Non-slip softgrip equipment

Incl. Micro-USB charger

including storage case

Included essays

1 torque attachment: Torque stages 9 + 1

1 Cutting attachment: Saw blade Ø: 43 mm Max. Cutting thickness:

Felt 6 mm, Corrugated card board 5 mm, Carton 3.4 mm

1 angle attachment

1 eccentric attachment

Included accessories:

26 bits (25 mm)

2 bits (50 mm)

1 bit extension

Technical specifications

Battery: 4 V lithium-ion (1,500 mAh)

Max. Torque: 5 Nm

Rated idle speed: 200 rpm

Bit holder: 6.35 mm


Plastic housing: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)

Soft Grip: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Bits and saw blade: steel


Cordless screwdriver (with battery): 138 x 43 x 114 mm

Angle attachment: 44.9 x 61.2 x 41.1 mm

Eccentric attachment: 65.3 x 45.9 x 40.9 mm

Torque attachment: 73.6 x 39.2 x 40.9 mm

Cutting attachment: 84.5 x 50.5 x 76.7 mm

Power adapter: 65.9 x 39.1 x 61.6 mm

Case: 250 x 199 x 75 mm


Cordless screwdriver (with battery): 378 g

Angle attachment: 72.7 g

Eccentric attachment: 86.6

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Published: October 23, 2022
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