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Parkside me

Screwdriver set

Special features: non-slip handle ensures comfortable work

Brand new product! Originally packed by the manufacturer! Brought from GERMANY!

Product description

screwdriver set:

chrome vanadium steel blades

ergonomically shaped non-slip handles ensure comfortable work

marked with type and size

blades with a magnetic tip

5 elements


screwdriver set:

PH1 x 85 (approx. 175 mm long)

PH2 x 105 (approx. 205 mm long)

PZ2 x 105 (approx. 20 5mm long)

SL3 x 70 (approx. 160 mm long)

SL4 x 85 (approx. 175 mm long).

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Published: October 21, 2022
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