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This is a eWeLink-compatible smart WiFi 2P Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCBO), remotely controllable via Internet, support for smart scheduled ON/OFF, power metering and overload-protection functions.

1. In case of electric shock, When installing a product Can’t be operated when the power is on.

2. No short circuit to ground with fire wire or test the performance of the product. Where the zero line collides with the fire line.

3. When installation ,wring screws should be tightened, the conductor not loose selection of traverse sectional area strictly according to requirements.

4. No wet had operation of circuit breaker, otherwise, electric shocks could happen.

5. The protection characteristics of circuit breaker are set by the manufacturer do not allow arbitrary disassembly and adjustment.

6. This product can not protect against personal shock, line over voltage and equipment leakage. Manual Download “eWeLink ” APP Scan a QR code, or search “eWeLink” on APP store. Wi-Fi energy saving magnetic retention switch circuit breaker 1. After the switched on, the indicator light is red, Press the key button until it becomes a green light and scintillating slowly flicker. 2. Press the button for 5 seconds until the green light is converted from slow flash to fast flash, then turn on APP ( Fast Mode TOUCH ) and click on the next step of the mobile phone APP to find the device, registration, pairing success. Feature 1. Remote control at anytime from anywhere 2. Timer ON/OFF 3. Scene setting, home sceneTurn on the light, turn on the water heater, turn on the TV, turn on the air conditioner,, going out scene(Turn off the lights, turn off the water heater, turn off the TV, turn off the air conditioner, etc. 4. Sharing devices with family and friends 5.18 mm Din Rail install

2P WiFi Smart


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Published: November 5, 2022
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